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No Greater Sacrifice - Steven Shields

This book by Steven L. Shields is a compilation of discourses by Latter-day Saint leaders on the atonement and plan of redemption. Since I'm trying to clear out some of my library, the purpose of this post is to basically reproduce his entire book here by linking to the articles and discourses that Shields' provides in No Greater Sacrifice:

"The Plan of Redemption," The Evening and Morning Star 2/18 (March 1834), 143; html; PDF
"...It is reasonable to suppose..."

Joseph F. Smith, "Salvation--The Mission of Jesus Christ," Journal of Discourses [JD] 23:169-175
"We are called mortal beings..."

Charles W. Penrose, "The Gospel Plan," JD 21:80-86
"The Latter-day Saints are often accused..."

John Taylor, "To Overcome Death," Mediation and Atonement (Salt Lake City: Deseret News, 1882), 128-135
"In the economy of God..."

Orson Pratt, "Because Man Has Sinned," JD 2:368-369
"It is a decree of Jehovah..."

John Taylor, "From the Beginning," JD 22:300-301
"Was it known that man would fall?..."

Orson Pratt, "A Plan of Mercy," JD 7:255-260
"Now let us take into consideration..."

Orson F. Whitney, "That Great Plan," Conference Report [CR] (Oct 1913):97-98 (also here)
"There is nothing so important..."

Melvin J. Ballard, "The Mission of Jesus Christ," CR (Oct 1936), 99-102
"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a sacred mission..."

John A. Widtsoe, "The Path of Life," Handbook of the Restoration (Independence, MO: Zion's Printing, 1944), 195-197 [unavailable online]

Parley P. Pratt, "A Sacrifice for This Earth," JD 3:315-316
"Christ offered himself a sacrifice for this earth..."

Amasa Lyman, "A Perfect Pattern of Obedience," JD 7:298-299
"We will suppose that Jesus had come..."

Brigham Young, "The End of All Evil," JD 8:118
"The Saviour has not finished his work..."

John Taylor, "Christ Preached to the Spirits in Prison," JD 21:243-244
"After some thousands of years..."

Joseph Fielding Smith, "Jesus Christ is the Son of God," CR (Oct 1924), 100-101
"If there is any one thing that brings joy and peace..."

George F. Richards, "The Noblest of All the Sons of God," CR (Apr 1912), 37-38
"In the hearts of the Latter-day Saints..."

Orson F. Whitney, "All Mankind Redeemed," CR (Apr 1927), 101
"Christ redeemed all mankind..."

Hugh B. Brown, "A Basic Tenet of the Gospel," CR (Apr 1962), 106-110
"...There is one doctrinal event..."

B.H. Roberts, "The Atoning Sacrifice Foreshadowed," The Seventy's Course in Theology, Fourth Year: The Atonement  (Salt Lake City: Deseret News, 1911), 46-53
"From the earliest times the fact of an Atonement..."

Brigham Young, "An Eternal Principle," JD 14:71-72
"A divine debt has been contracted by the children..."

Orson Pratt, "Importance of the Atonement," JD 15:253-254
"We are, this afternoon, commemorating..."

Joseph Fielding Smith, "Significance of the Atonement," CR (Apr 1956), 125-127
"At this season of the year the attention of Christians..."

Orson Pratt, "Foundations of the Atonement," JD 19:317-319
" that all who come into this world..."

BH Roberts, "Absolute Necessity of the Atonement," CR (Apr 1911), 58-60
"I have for many years believed in the atonement..."

George Q. Morris, "Our Very Existence is Dependent On the Atonement," CR (Apr 1956), 112-113
"I should like to mention in the few moments..."

John Taylor, "An Infinite Atonement," Mediation and Atonement, 144-146
"In the economy of God pertaining to the salvation..."

Orson Pratt, "Universal Redemption," JD 1:328-330
"The earth was formed to be inhabited..."

Orson Pratt, "Man and the Atonement," JD 1:286-289
"In order to show you the dire effects of the fall..."

John Taylor, "Heirs of Godhood," Mediation and Atonement, 140-141
"The philosophy of the world tells us..."

BH Roberts, "Only Deity Can Satisfy the Claims of Deity," The Seventy's Course in Theology, Fourth Year, 94-97
"The sin of Adam was a sin against divine law..."

John Taylor, "He Bore the Sins of the World," Mediation and Atonement, 148-150
"The Redeemer Himself, when tabernacling in the flesh..."

Rudger Clawson, "The Supreme Sacrifice," CR (Oct 1921), 34-36
"The Lord Jesus Christ has wrought out for us..."

Charles H. Hart, "Sacrifice Necessary for Redemption," CR (Oct 1912), 15-16
"We are told, by the Lord..."

George F. Richards, "Christ Suffered Immensely," CR (Apr 1937), 109-110
"In the songs that have been composed..."

Orson F. Whitney, "A Sacrifice for Love," CR (Oct 1927), 147-149
"Answer now the question..."

BH Roberts, "Symbols of the Atonement," The Seventy's Course in Theology, Fourth Year, 116-121
"The two great institutions..."

Joseph F. Smith, "A Sacred Ordinance," JD 15:324-325, 327-328
"The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper..."

Hugh B. Brown, "The Greatest Story in History," CR (Apr 1958), 107-108
"We join with Christians everywhere..."

Joseph Fielding Smith, "A Wonderful Gift," CR (Oct 1947), 146-147
"May I spend a few minutes..."

Orson Pratt, "Eternal Life - The Greatest Gift," JD 21:312-313
"Eternal life is said to be the greatest gift of God..."

BH Roberts, "An Act of Love," The Seventy's Course in Theology, Third Year: The Doctrine of Deity (Salt Lake City: The Caxton Press, 1910), 186-187
"I can think of no greater evidence..."

Charles A. Callis, "The Richest Hill on Earth," CR (Oct 1937), 121-122
"Butte derives its name from the old French word..."

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