Sunday, August 12, 2018

Hugh Nibley grew up with our children. We were always Uncle LeGrand and Aunt Ina to him.
His mother told me that he read the Book of Mormon eleven times by the time he was twelve years old, and then commenced studying it. He says it is the greatest book in the world.
While he was teaching at the Brigham Young University, I asked President Wilkinson how he got along with the other faculty members. His reply was: "Oh they never bother Dr, Nibley; he knows too much."
His mother told us that when he went to Berkeley to get his Doctorate, one of the Professors asked the Doctor who was examining him, what he was going to do with the young man Nibley. His reply was: "I am going to let him go right through without any argument. I am not going to let him make a fool out of me."
While visiting with Dr. Hugh's mother July 3, 1957, she permitted me to copy a paragraph from his Christmas letter to her for Xmas 1956. He was telling of his work in writing the Priesthood manual for the Melchizedek Priesthood. I quote:
"This is a strange state of things - always thinking of you but never writing! The same things happen day after day, and the same thoughts night after night. It has been a steady diet of Book of Mormon, and no other food is so invigorating - it is the bread of life in the most digestible form."
LeGrand Richards, Just To Illustrate (Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1973), 81

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