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Witnesses of the Book of Mormon - Preston Nibley

Preston Nibley's Witnesses of the Book of Mormon is primarily a compilation of information about the witnesses to the Book of Mormon plates. The book contains minimal narrative, thus its value is based on the depth of resources providing biographical and other information about the witnesses. Since scholarship over the last several decades has produced numerous sources on the witnesses, the value of this compilation has been somewhat relegated. Nevertheless, for reference purposes, the sources used in Nibley's compilation is provided below.

Three Witnesses
D&C 5:9-15
HC 1:52
Ether 5:2-4
2 Nephi 11:3
Lucy Mack Smith, 151-155
Wentworth, HC 4:535
Luke Johnson, HC 1:220
Congressman Davis, HC 4:78-79
Emma Bidamon, Saints’ Advocate, Oct 1879

Oliver Cowdery
LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, 1:246
Judge CM Nielsen, Liahona, Aug 30, 1910
Return to the Church, Millennial Star, 21:544-546
Edward Stevenson, Millennial Star, July 5, 1886
Last Testimony, Improvement Era, 2:90-96
Lucy/Phineas Young, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, 1:246-251

David Whitmer
LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, 1:203-212
Orson Pratt/Joseph F Smith, Millennial Star, 40:771-774
Kansas City Journal, June 5, 1881; Millennial Star, 43:421-423, 437-439
Richmond Missouri Conservator, March 25, 1881
James H. Moyle, Deseret News, August 2, 1944
Edward Stevenson, Historical Record, 211 (Letter dated Feb 16, 1886)
Testimony, Address to All Believers in Christ, 8
Richmond Democrat, Feb 2, 1888; Historical Record, 622-624

Martin Harris
LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, 1:271
William H Homer, Improvement Era, March 1926
Edward Stevenson, Millennial Star, 44:78-79, 86-87
Edward Stevenson, Millennial Star, June 21, 1886
Death, Deseret Evening News, July 17, 1875

Christian Whitmer, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, 1:276-283
Jacob Whitmer, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, 1:276
Peter Whitmer, Jr., LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, 1:277
John Whitmer, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, 1:251
Hiram Page, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, 1:277
Joseph Smith, Sr., LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, 1:181
Hyrum Smith, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, 1:52
Samuel H Smith, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, 1:278

Brigham Young, June 17, 1877, JD 19:38
Orson Pratt, 1877, JD 18:156-161

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